Virtual Staging

As a primary form of architectural visualization, Virtual Staging is performed using vacant property photos which are shaped upon directions obtained from the client.

The initial requirement is a project input for Virtual Staging. Packaging the project input means taking Photos of an empty space to be prepared for Virtual Staging. These are examples of the eligible input images:

Along with these images, additional inspirational photos and reference images are always welcome. The key ingredient of a successful project are additional client instructions that should contain specific guidelines for the project to be finalized. These instructions can also be made in the form of hand–written markups off the property image.

The output of this process is a fully furnished, virtually staged, photo realistic image that will impress your clients.

Representing a huge step forward in architectural visualization, as a breaking technological advancement, Virtual Staging stands alone as a trendsetter of the visualization services. Besides being a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging, it is also a great supplement to the conventional staging of vacant homes.

Such Virtual Staged home can go a long way in creating a more engaging presentation that can potentially reshape how people think about the real estate industry.

Simply put, we’re not only inviting you to take advantage of a Virtual Staging solution. Our goal is to partner with you to create a unique virtual experience that will inspire your client to imagine and purchase their dream home.

Virtual Staging most certainly represents the next step in the real estate business. If you are looking for the Best Virtual Staging solution on the market, our in-house team at Generated 3D will be more than happy to provide you with top-of-the-line services that will make your clients ask for more!

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