Emil Jonas

Emil Jonas Director of Project Management

Hard worker, enthusiast, and a 3D architectural visualization expert, with a vision to shape the future of archiviz business. Using 16 years in project management, sales, visualization, and marketing, Emil decided to offer his passion for excellence in favor of elevating customer service and quality of the product to a higher level.

Dusan Glumicic Chief Executive Officer

Dusan brings 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to the Generated 3D Team. From the humble beginnings on the production floor of his Canadian family’s business to building North America’s largest Gingerbread House Kit manufacturers, bringing this market from an unknown category to the absolute must in everyone’s home during the Holidays. Dusan was directly responsible for managing one of North America’s most prominent players in the category with over $25M of annual sales for over 20 years.

“What brought me to Generated 3D and Miami is a combination of my two biggest passions, Real Estate and Customer Service.” Dusan has been in the real estate business for over a decade as an investor, landlord, and licensed real estate agent. He is dedicated to using his vast knowledge of the markets for our clients’ benefit.

We sometimes forget about our dreams in the fast-paced world we all live in. Architectural visualization is a new must-have when it comes to the successful presentation and sale of a property. Let us prove that our passion and enthusiasm is to help our clients achieve their utmost dreams that will create a partnership that will last a lifetime.

Dusan Glumicic
Danijel Celap

Danijel Celap Director of Sales

Dan joins Generated 3D with 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. Most notably, he started with an entry-level position at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He moved up the ranks, earning five promotions during his ten-year career with the company that took him to multiple locations. The promotions come with no surprise if you look at his performance. He had some of the best customer service scores each month, leaving each location in a better state than when he got there. He averaged an annual growth in assets by $3M. He is most proud of his relationship with his employees and customers. He says, “Without them, I would have lasted only a couple of years.”

“I’m very excited about the future of Generated 3D because we both have the same goals and visions. We want to be the best company our clients have ever dealt with. My relationship-building skills will be transferred over, and I am very confident that the results will. Customer service by going above and beyond will be the catalyst to our growth.”

I think if the corporate world had to take anything from the Covid-19 pandemic is that we can’t take anything for granted. Not even live presentations to our clients. We believe that Generated 3D is built to last because we deliver to you digitally while you are wherever you want to be in that moment. Let us show you what our 3D world can do for you.

Aleksandar "Sasha" Jovicic President & CMO

Sasha is a 23-year veteran of the digital marketing and business development industries. Sasha is responsible for over $24 billion in provable revenue for his partners and clients. He is a founding partner and CEO of Executive Digital, a digital marketing company of experts with over 6,700 individual clients from both SMB and Enterprise organizations, with over 120 employees across the globe. Sasha spearheads the Miami-based Generated 3D and 11 other related startups in 2022. He is known in the industry as the “godfather of SEO” and is sought out by many large enterprises for his unique ability to build complex digital ecosystems that scale.
Aleksandar Jovicic

Generated 3D USA LLC is an 3D architectural visualization company that services the globe.

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