Virtual Tour – Why You Should Have One

Virtual Tour Why You Should Have One

The number of people with an internet connection is probably unfathomable. As such, the world wide web is the most effective platform for marketing across the globe. This makes it a lot easier for millions of users to learn about your brand, services, and products, often in a matter of seconds.

The internet massively changed the way how we interact with brands and businesses, shifting almost every standard. And for several industries, 360 virtual tours are the ultimate game-changers to help promote their business.

You might have heard of 3D virtual tour services, especially if you run a hotel, restaurant, or an agency in the field of real estate. By creating 360 virtual tours for your businesses, you intrigue your customers and engage with them on a more profound level, potentially helping your business grow.

As such, we here at Generated 3D give you several reasons why you should consider adding 360 virtual tours to your digital marketing assets.

What is A Virtual Tour?

Before we start, we need to define what is a virtual tour. Simply put, such a tour is a simulation of premises (your restaurant, a hotel, a potential house for sale) that’s showcased in a sequence of pictures or “spins.” These extensive panoramic 360-degree images are stitched together and can be rotated. The technology works with special lenses and cameras and different capturing techniques to create the “tour experience” as an end result. 

How Do Virtual Tours Work?

Another thing we must do before we commence is define how these tours work. For the most part, they can serve as exceptionally useful marketing tools that can give your potential visitors or buyers a better feel of the premises or location. For instance, in a restaurant, they can get a better feel of the interior design, take a better look at the table layouts, and more. Real estate gives potential buyers an exact picture of the home they may be considering buying. 

9 Reasons For Hosting 360 Virtual Tours 

So, after having talked about how to do virtual tours work and what they are, we can finally talk about the benefits of these features. 

As businesses take their marketing online, virtual tours can give brands an even more defined advantage in terms of an online presence, but this is only the beginning.

Establish Online Dominance With Virtual Tours (360)

Virtual Tours supporting 360-degree features can help you differentiate your business from the competition as it can help your site visitors check out your location even before they set foot in it. Furthermore, it’s an invaluable asset in industries like real estate, where your customers want to get a good view of their potential purchase as quickly as possible and as soon as possible.

Save Time for Your Clients

Even those potential clients who don’t know what is a virtual tour exactly will quickly learn to appreciate it once they engage with it on your website.

For example, if you run a hotel and a company from another state wants to organize a business convention near you, they can quickly check out your establishment without having to travel. This saves them precious time and money, not to mention if you’re the only hotel offering 360 virtual tours in your area, chances are, they will choose your business.

Forge a Smart Marketing Strategy

How do virtual tours work in a marketing strategy? While high-resolution professional pictures work phenomenally well to capture the attention of your audience and potential customers, but with 360 virtual tours, you can engage with them at another level. You can open more opportunities for customer interaction, and you will also add awesome functionality to your website.

Enrich Your Website

What is a virtual tour’s purpose on a website? They can be embedded on your social channels and website to help boost engagement on your social profiles and to help drive traffic to your website.

Furthermore, adding such a tour to your website is fairly easy and can be done without hassle. 

360 Tours are ALWAYS Available

Businesswoman or Real Estate Agent Looking Through Online Property Portfolio

People can visit your website and your social channels at any time; they can also take advantage of your tour services online, whether they choose to do it at night or during the day, from whichever location.

They can take a look at the premises even when it’s closed or can’t be accessed in real life. In the case of real estate, interested buyers first have to schedule a showing, but with the help of virtual tours, they are free to take a thorough look at the home whenever they like.

Offer Even More Visual Information

Apart from letting your users explore every nook and cranny of the premises, you can also enhance the experience by using descriptive text. You may also use additional sound and video footage to enrich the tour, and you can also create several hotspots within the tour to take your users from one location to another quickly. 

Substantial visual information can do a great job in attracting more visitors and converting them into customers or clients.

Boost Sales

How do virtual tours work to boost sales? Simply put, visitors usually know what they are looking for when surfing the web. If your tour manages to satisfy their preferences and requirements, you can rest assured that they will make a purchase or book a stay (in the case of a hotel, for instance). 

In other cases, a virtual tour can help tip the scales in your favor, especially when customers compare two locations based on websites alone. A virtual tour is an excellent functionality of every platform, especially in the hospitality industry.

Offer a Responsive Experience 

We live in a day and age where people access the internet via several devices. As a matter of fact, today, in the US, more people use smartphones to visit the internet than traditional desktops. Also, most of them use Google for browsing. 

With this in mind, opting for a responsive web design and enhancing your platform with a virtual tour will do you several favors. First, having a responsive website nowadays is crucial if you want to conquer the digital realm. Second, having a mobile-friendly site with an embedded virtual tour can also help you improve your SEO. How come? Well, Google’s algorithm prefers responsive designs, and a virtual tour will definitely help you increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site.

Both of these aspects are essential for good SEO practices and ranking higher.

Use Tours As a Part of Your Email Campaigns

Either use it as an outstanding newsletter tool or email the tour directly to potential clients to connect with them better. The latter can be incredibly valuable if you are in the real estate business and a potential buyer is interested in a property. Even if you are unable to organize a showing, through a virtual tour, you can still present the home to your clients.

Unlock Your Business’ True Potential With Virtual Tours

Still not convinced about the advantages of these tours? Feel free to reach out to us or take a better look at our website and past projects to see why these tours are reshaping industries.

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