Should You Use 2D or 3D Floor Plans for Apartments

When speaking of floor plans, one might ask are these a useful tool? Are they useful for architectural visualization, property development, real estate marketing, or are they useful for anything at all? What’s all the rage with 3D floor plans? Are they any good? There is a lot of information online concerning the floor plans that are being made by various software – a lot of platforms offering you a way to make your floor plan on your own smartphone, or make it yourself on your PC. These immersive options offer you the possibility to draw accurate 2D floorplans yourself within minutes. In addition to that, they give you the option to decorate the space and make your own furnishing, as well as render neat images in a very simple way and share your work online with others.

However, all you actually need here is a quality floorplan that you can acquire by putting it in the hands of experienced and skilled professionals, who are able to render 2D vs 3D floor plans of outstanding quality for you. Making a quality floorplan is not only about getting an output by using a tool that enables you to do it in a seemingly same way as a professional editor would. This opens another question – what is a quality floor plan anyway? We are offering a pretty simple answer– it should be an edit giving you all the benefits you need from the floorplan, while not being expensive. This is exactly what Generated 3D USA LLC offers when wrapping up your 2D and 3D floorplans and doing your 3D rendering.

The truth is – there is a reason why a person should use the services of professionals for compiling floor plans that would make a significant difference for clients in the market. Nothing compares to one on one in-person interaction and a personal approach that you get when you have Generated 3D USA LLC rendering floorplans for you. Artificial intelligence cannot teach you the difference between 2D and 3D floor plans, and cannot give you the fine touch needed in a particular situation that needs to be solved according to the need, where only a qualified judgement of a skillful and experienced editor can be able to make an adequate reaction that solves the problem. Aside from the obvious benefits that practical software can give you while you’re making your own 2D or 3D floor plan, our vote will always go to the option of engaging somebody who knows how to make a good presentation out of it for you.


Everybody can make good use out of floorplans – the space you are getting designed, listing you are trying to sell or buy, the property you are trying to display – is a very important issue to you. This is the basic standpoint we take when thinking about a project we do for you. Therefore, it is our objective to put to good use all the tools possible to present your space as such and help you make the most out of it. This is why we promote our 2D and 3D floor plans on a general basis.

Having this in mind, rendering floor plans for apartments and properties, in general, represents a right start for the architectural project, a terrific outline for the basics of the interior design of a property.


Depending on which industry you come from, there is a whole diversity of ways you can answer this question – do you prefer 3D or 2D floor plans? What is the difference between 2D and 3D floor plans? A 2D floor plan is a very practical and simple way of displaying the main house plan. Simplicity is generally always a good thing. It is a slick way to showcase the layout of the entire space. It also depicts the furnishing and design details, such as the position of the walls, as well as fixtures, including doors, windows and staircases, while still being simple and neat. However, it does not give any closer detail about the elements depicted in the plan itself.

On the other end, making 3D floor plans is not only about being attractive. Above all, a 3D floor plan gives an additional charm to the neat look of the basic 2D floor plan, but it is not only a thing of fashion, not only the modern way of presenting things. First of all – it is about efficiency and general impact. But on the other end, it is also about giving a soul to the space, to the shapes and materials. It is a way how to elevate the 2D floor plan to a higher level. The level which provides the customer – whether it be an architect, designer or a person not connected to real estate, design or architecture at all.

Last but not least, one needs to say that 3D floorplans offer you better value for your money. You get a lot more for practically the same amount of money as per a 3D floor plan. Besides the clear distinction in monetary value, there are couple more differences between 2D and 3D floorplans that make 3D rendering of floorplans a unanimous winner here. There is a significant added value 3D renderings make, hence they offer a solid ground for the development of other forms of visualization.


To emphasize real quick on it all – as a conclusion to this subject, one might ask: Does any business need a rendering floor plan at all? The kindest advice we can give you is that one should never have this doubt. The only question left standing might be whether to use 2D vs 3D floor plans – the rest of the dilemma should be left out completely.

It is highly recommended for interior designers, property developers, as well as architects, and people engaged with real estate in any form and way possible to consider floor plans. It doesn’t matter if you decided to remodel or virtually renovate your home, or you simply wish to purchase a listing and would like to learn all the features possible of the home you like. Floor plans for apartments, whatever their purpose will be, are always a good idea. Floor plan imaging is the basic visualization option. It all starts there, and the entire visualization and presentation process is being taken further from there. Making and rendering the floor plans is a good practice for both sides – homeowners, clients, and people purchasing the offer, as well as editors who can identify themselves better with the project they are working on, in order to ensure better output.

Still wondering about the potentials that we might have with floorplans? Don’t be. It is floor plans visualization that has a huge impact on the entire process of making renders and sets up a pace for a complete journey of architectural visualization. Let us guide you through it, help you dive into it, and make the whole thing tailor-made for your needs.

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